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Application exemples

Ammonia in ice rinks

Ammonia is with its thermal properties of the refrigerant best available but because of its toxicity, it must be handled with respect.

Ammonia in refrigeration plants

Ammonia is thanks to their chemical properties of one of the best refrigerant available but due to ammonia toxicity, it must be handled with respect.

Ammonia in brine

According to EN378-2008, establishments with more than 500kg of ammonia have equipment to detect even in the secondary circuit. This applies to both open and closed systems.

HFC (HCFC) in refrigeration plants

HFC (HCFCs) are available in many different varieties with different characteristics but in common that they are heavier than air and can thus penetrate off the air.

Demand controlled garage ventilation (NOx/CO)

Automatic control of ventilation in the garage makes that unnecessary risks are avoided. The garage can also save big money on heating.

Propane (HC) in refrigeration plants

Propane is both fire-and explosion-hazardous, making it important to detect a leak. A leak often starts on a small scale.

Monitoring of explosive gas as LPG, natural gas, etc..

Where it is handled or stored flammable or explosive gases is always the risk of leakage. A gas alarm monitors and warns before the danger occurs.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) in refrigeration plants

Carbon dioxide as refrigerant has become increasingly common over last few years and is likely to increase more in the coming years.

Marine – refrigerant alarm in marine applications

General brochure on marine applications.

Instruction sheet

The IS is multi lingual with English, German, French, Spanish and Swedish text.

Monitoring units


Detection in Brine

  • Aquis 500 – Ammonia, water/brine (contact us for information)

Stationary gas detectors

Auxiliary equipment

Obsolete products

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