TR-IR (Detectors for carbon dioxide)

– Transmitters (4..20mA / 0..10V DC). IR-sensor (NDIR)


TR-IR-CO2 is a transmitter designed to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide. The sensors are IR (infrared) type which gives long life and good selectivity. The detectors provide a 4..20mA or 0..10V output linearly proportional to the concentration of gas.
The output signal can be selected using jumper, to either 4..20mA or 0..10V DC.
Using the current signal decreases sensitivity to distortion even when installed over long distances.

Complies with the following standards and regulations:
- EN 378
- EN14624


  • Infrared absorption (NDIR) detection with high selectivity and long-term stability >10 years life time
  • Linear output 4..20mA or 0..10V
  • Power supply 12..30V DC
  • Robust non corrosive PC enclosure for installation also in aggressive environments.

Expected sensor lifetime > 10 year

Automatic zero calibration

Easy replaceable sensor, see spare parts

Method for test and calibration: calibration gas

Maintenance: at least once a year (at normal operation)