RM-HFC, RMV-HFC (Detectors for synthetic refrigerants)

– for room monitoring (hotels, offices etc)


RM-HFC is a microprocessor controlled gas detector that reacts to most types of HFCs and mixtures in air conditioners. It is specially developed for installation in offices, hotel rooms, in stores or in other confined spaces where people stay a long time and where the concentration of HFCs (HCFC) could reach critical thresholds.
Placement of the detector is important for its function and as HFC / HCFC is heavier than air the detector should be mounted 15-20cm above the floor.
The housing is specially designed and the off-white colour makes it easy to fit into any public environment.


Normal mode is indicated by LEDs - solid Green light. Alarms are indicated by: LED - Flashing Red / Orange, Buzzer and Relay.
RM HFC is equipped with adaptive alarm delay to filter out short-term disruptions.
Automatic reset to normal operation after the alarm when the gas disappears.

Complies with the following standards and regulations:
- F-gas regulative 517/2014
- EN 378
- EN14624
- JRA4068


  • RMV-HFC has identical function with RM-HFC but are designed for flush mounting in walls, when in combination with KAP045 or surface mount when in combination with KAP046. NOTE: KAP045 OR KAP046 MUST be selected when ordering!
  • Room detector for HFC and HCFC gases.
  • Standalone use or connection to monitoring system
  • Two factory-set alarm levels
  • Alarm output with changeover contact relay (relay draw in normal operation)
  • Adaptive alarm delay
  • LED indication of operational status, performance, testing and alarm
  • Built-in 85dB buzzer (can be disabled)
  • Fail-safe operation
  • Power supply: 12..24V AC/DC.

Sensors are a consumable part.

Expected sensor lifetime ≈ 5 year

Easy replaceable sensor, see spare parts

Method for test and calibration: DT300

Maintenance: at least once a year (at normal operation)