– Single point unit with one channel


SPU/SPLS is a monitoring unit for single channel detection of toxic, hazardous or explosive gases. The microprocessor-controlled unit LED’s displays operating status and alarm information for the connected detector.
The SPU/SPLS is suitable for monitoring of HCFC and HFC refrigerants, carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia, hydrocarbons like gasoline (hexane), ethanol, hydrogen, methane, propane (LPG) and butane etc.

Connectable detectors

Detectors are available for different gases and different ranges.

  • MP-Series
  • ATEX detectors for explosive environment
  • Transmitter with 0-10V or 4..20mA output signal


  • The unit is microprocessor controlled and displays the current operating status via LED’s
  • High intense LED alarm flash, (B-alarm)
  • Built in alarm buzzer, (A-alarm)
  • Mute function with timer (60min)
  • Three adjustable alarm levels with relay output (230V/5A)
  • Alarm delay, selectable in four steps
  • Manual or automatic reset on alarm
  • Fail-safe function with built-in monitoring and power failure alarm
  • Built-in self-test and service function
  • Test terminal for service tools
  • Robust non corrosive PC enclosure for installation also in aggressive environments

Special features for the SPLS:

  • High intensive LED alarm indication (B-alarm)
  • Built-in buzzer for alarm indication (A-alarm)
  • Mute function with time limit (60min)
  • The unit has a screw terminal connection for a remote manual activation of full alarm. (A-alarm)


  • – Input for external battery back-up (UPS)
  • – Can be ordered with custom pre set alarm levels for specific gas type.