Choosing the right system for the right application is essential for optimum operation. It is about how the detectors are to be mounted based on which gas is monitored (if the gas is lighter or heavier than air), the room’s design and usage and the possible presence of other gases. Which measurement method should be used when and what are the advantages and disadvantages with different methods?​

Current environmental focus has led to a couple of new EC regulations, which clearly states that gas detection equipment shall be used in applications with more than 25 kg filling of fluorinated greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide and more than 50 kg of ammonia, and how these should be controlled and documented. In addition national legislation may add stricter demands. When do you have to use gas detection?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found under the links on the right side. In the Application examples you find typical applications with related recommendations. A summary of what is relevant for gas detection in the refrigeration industry can be found in Samon’s Guidelines “GAS DETECTION SYSTEMS FOR THE REFRIGERATION INDUSTRY “.