The company

SAMON is a privately held industrial company based in Vellinge in southern. The company was founded 1990 and have ever since the start focused on gas detection equipment for the refrigeration industry. Samon is also involved in other areas where gas detection is required. A typical application outside the refrigeration industry is demand-controlled garage ventilation.


– develops and manufactures products in our specially-built factory in Vellinge.

In order to ensure that as little disturbing emissions as possible affect the production environment, the choice of materials was made with great care. Even the location of the Vellinge has a purpose: To reduce the effect of car emissions and ensure that there are no production units nearby which could have an adverse impact on production air quality. The production environment is continuously monitored by gas detectors to verify that it is stable enough to ensure a high quality production.

The company has more than 65% of its sales on export. Customers include well-known companies such as Unilever, Nestlé, Atria Lithells, Carlsberg, Coca Cola and Arla Foods. See References.

Samon products are used for both land-based applications as well as on the marine side.

Since the start 1990, Samon has delivered tens of thousands detectors only for the refrigeration industry, which makes us one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.