Gas detection for the refrigeration industry

Increased environmental requirements and restrictive legislation have greatly increased the requirement for gas detection in the refrigeration industry. Personal safety and pure economic causes are other good reasons to have a gas detection system installed.

Samon has a wide range of detection of the most common refrigerants.

Samon is working with industrial-and marine refrigeration as well as with commercial refrigeration (e g supermarkets) and air conditioning.

Marine applications

Samon has many years experience of installations on the marine side. Harder environmental regulations combined with the special regula-tions applied from the various classification societies (e.g., Bureau Veritas and Det Norske Veritas) have increased the demands on gas detection systems. There is an in-creased environmental awareness and stricter rules have been introduced to classify vessels as Cleanship, Cleanship Super, Green Ship, etc.

Typical applications for Samon are comfort cooling and cold storage on cruise ships and refrigeration on fishing boats.

Detection of explosive gases

Where combustible gases are handled or stored is always a risk of leakage. In environments where explosive gases may be present, both fixed and portable gas detectors may be used to alert before an explosion risk occurs. A Samon gas detection system continuously monitors the environment and alarm before the situation becomes dangerous.

Demand-Controlled Garage Ventilation

To let the actual demand control ventilation means considerable energy savings compared to time-controlled or continuous operation. The environment becomes safer as the potentially hazardous concentrations are monitored constantly. Samon’s gas detectors measure the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) that are exhausted in garages and road tunnels and control the ventilation based on the actual demand.